Luigi Vitrone's Pastabilities now offers catering for your special events!

Whether it is a wedding rehearsal dinner, a wedding reception, a corporate style luncheon, an office party, or even just a holiday party in your home, Luigi Vitrone's Pastabilities can customize our menu to make your event one to remember. Luigi is able to format anything you may not see on the "in house menu" to fit your needs! We can prepare any type of seafood, poultry, beef, pork, veal, lamb, vegetarian, wild game, or exotic items.

MY SPACE: You can book our entire 40 seat restaurant for a daytime or evening event. Any celebration will be extra special in our elegant, intimate, well appointed dining rooms with exposed brick walls and starlit ceilings. Come by and see it in person! Call to discuss pricing and dates. A deposit will be required to reserve the restaurant or off premise catering services.

YOUR SPACE: We'll prepare the food in our restaurant kitchen and take it to the site of your event. We have several options from preparing and delivering the food to providing servers and bartenders to give your guests VIP treatment.

YOUR MENU: If you have a specific dietary restriction, again, we will cater to that need and Luigi will prepare the food according to your preferences.

YOUR BUDGET: Cater does not simply mean giving wheels to meals. Cater, to Luigi, means make every effort to meet the needs of your client. If you have a specific budget for your event, we will cater to you, and create a menu that suits your budget.

YOUR THEME: We can also do "themed parties" to suit your desire. We once held an exotic wild game and wine dinner. The theme was "During Prohibition Era". Folks were asked to dress for the time period and when possible, arrive in a vintage motor car. Well, Luigi took this one step further and, unbeknownst to the patrons, had several "off duty" police officers arrive near the end of the function dressed accordingly to "break the joint". They're still talking about that.

YOUR CHEF: You are assured a perfectly made meal because Chef Vitrone himself does all the cooking - not a bunch of kitchen helpers. Relax and leave your event in the care of our award winning, CIA trained, Food Network featured, Zagat rated restaurateur and Chef, Luigi Vitrone.

TO ITALY AND BEYOND: Can a guy named Luigi really make a mean Matzoh Ball soup or a savory Sofrito?

His name in Italian is Luigi but it translates to Lewis in English, Luis in Spanish, Ludwig in German and Louis in French. So does his cooking! Can a guy named DeNiro play a Rabbi or an Irish farmer? A great chef is like a great actor and can cook any cuisine.

Luigi's culinary knowledge and skill goes far beyond just Italian food. He is an authority on everything from wines & liquors to pastry. He has made his own bread, his own cheese and thanks to Dad's instruction, he even knows butchering. Luigi only speaks Italian and English but he can cook French, Russian, Jewish, German, Spanish, Mexican, Greek, Belgian and many other cuisines.

Flexible & creative menu planning for your taste and budget. Finest quality, freshest ingredients. Everything is made by hand, by Chef Luigi. Call us at 302-656-9822 to discuss your next event!


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